M-One Pro

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Professional and Powerful

M-One pro series was born for industrial production demand.
Equipped with powerful HD DLP light source, high-end industrial
lead screw to deliver a truly impressive surface finish.Wi-Fi
connectivity and touch screen control make it highly-qualified
with high efficiency.

Multiple Precision for Jewelry

M –one pro Jewelry series are perfect for jewelry production.
With different precision options, you can find the exact one
you need to deliver best-in-class surface finish and high-
efficiency production.

XY Resolution



Multiple Choices for Dentistry

Extreme accuracy, high throughput and a smooth surface
finish is what M-One pro dental series can do. They deliver
tight fitting crowns, and orthodontic models.

XY Resolution



Incredible Highly Detail & Smoothness

Multi-Machine Synchronous Printing

Print a sample

New M-One Pro

1080P UV DLP Light Engine
50000hrs Lifespan
5um Minimum Layer-thickness
Industrial linear guide